Develop a continuous flow of leads and clients for your business in only 30-60 minutes day through the LinkedIn for Business Strategy

... without spending a dollar on ads
... without a fancy website

Do you recognize this?

I understand what you mean...

The world has changed...

  • Internet & social media changed the landscape of the B2B purchasing environment. Spontaneous sales pitch and cold calling are less effective than a few years ago.
  • More people are active on social media everyday.
  • In general over 6 employees are involved in any B2B purchase decision (DMU).
  • Statistics show that over 70% of B2B buyers choose the sales rep that was FIRST to add value and offer insights.

We need to be aware of, and actively react on, our customers’ and prospects’ online buying behavior. To attract clients it’s important to educate people by sharing valuable insights and engage with them so you will gain trust. People will start to know, like and trust you and come to you (pull vs push).

We need to be authentic, honest friendly and open.

Around 1000 clients in 5 years with our LinkedIn for Business Strategy

Every month we generate 100,000’s of views on LinkedIn, which leads to hundreds of leads, so we can help dozens of clients each month to help optimize their sales process. 

The last five years we generated:

  • 20+ million views on LinkedIn
  • tens of thousands of comments and likes
  • 8300 leads
  • 1000+ clients

This process is sustainable. Data of potential clients is automatically captured in our own systems without additional time. 

And this in around 30-60 minutes a day.

LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation Program

Because we successfully applied this strategy ourselves, more and more people asked us to help them.

That’s why we launched the LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation Program.

In a timeframe of 3 months we will help you to implement this strategy:

  • You will receive theory, insights, instructions and practical assignments.
  • You can ask us for feedback anytime and we help you along the way.
  • Once a week there will be a video group call to look back and briefly discuss your challenges.
  • Every day you will spend around 30 to 60 minutes effectively on LinkedIn.


The program is not limited to the strategy, but it also helps you understand the processes and systems that supports your business in a sustainable way. You also learn the techniques and skills to maximize the impact of your posts.

As far as we know this is the first and only LinkedIn Implementation that uses LinkedIn Groups and will help you to develop a daily routine.

The Program consists of five consecutive modules:

During the program you will receive 24-7 support based on fair use. You can call, Whatsapp or email us anytime.

LinkedIn For Business Strategy gives you...


LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation Program

Five modules LinkedIn



Take advantage of our competitive offer now and start with the implementation of LinkedIn as a sustainable lead source.

The investment in your success is only $ 2,497.

Option: 3 months of Premium 1-on-1 Revenuecoaching for only $1,997 extra

Total of $4,494

Do you want more personal support?

With our Premium 1-on-1 Revenuecoaching for 3 months you will receive:

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