Attract the right leads and customers in less time by creating valuable content on LinkedIn

Get high engagement on your contributions by effortlessly producing content that encourages your target audience to contact you

Content creation implementation process for LinkedIn –

During the implementation, you will learn to attract the right customers and leads in less time by creating valuable content on LinkedIn. At your own pace and at a time that suits you, we will share our strategy in a private LinkedIn group and you will mainly work in a practice-oriented manner.

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Every month we generate hundreds of thousands of views on LinkedIn. This provides us with hundreds of leads and from this we can help several dozen customers per month to optimize their own sales process.

The foundation for this proven successful strategy consists of five pillars.

One of these important pillars for a continuous flow of leads and customers is:

Creating valuable content on LinkedIn

Developing this skill has many benefits:

Implementation of Content Creation process for LinkedIn

In the Content Creation for LinkedIn trajectory, we help you find your tone of voice, write the right content for your target audience and influence the LinkedIn algorithm in the right way.

We share our strategy on the timeline in a private LinkedIn. This includes theory, insights, work instructions and practice-oriented assignments. You get to work on this, receive feedback or ask for additional feedback if desired. 

The process consists of 4 modules, managed in LinkedIn private groups. Each module contains contributions with videos, assignments, PDFs, checklists and more.

Every Thursday morning there is a Zoom call with the participants who would like this. To look back and briefly discuss what you are facing.

Module 1: Introduction and Target Audience

  • Introduction and proposals
  • Goals and expectations
  • How do you start?
  • Who do you write for?
  • Where do you find inspiration?

Module 3: Writing for LinkedIn

  • Types of LinkedIn posts
  • Sctructure of a good posts
  • Harvesting posts 
  • LinkedIn algorithm
  • Technical preconditions

Module 2: Inspiration and writing

  • Practical exercises for writing
  • Mindmap
  • Basic storytelling
  • Tone of voice
  • Recycling of content

Module 4: Strategy and planning

  • Content strategy
  • Customer Journey
  • Content plan
  • Content calender
  • Publication tools

And one extra bonus module

" Build up your authority and expert status with LinkedIn articles and LinkedIn newsletters."


As far as we know, this is the first and only LinkedIn Content Creation Implementation that is actually provided via the LinkedIn platform so that you automatically develop a daily routine.

During the process you are entitled to 24/7 support based on fair use

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" helped me get more control over the content of my LinkedIn posts. I got to know Sara as knowledgeable and driven to find a solution that suits me. She really delved into my vision of my company , market and customers. She challenged me with examples and reflection on my input and really acted as a partner. In practice, I also experience an increase in the number of responses to my Linkedin contributions."

Content creation implementation process for LinkedIn

Four consecutive modules via LinkedIn


And as a BONUS

Two extra modules

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