A Continuous Flow of Leads and Clients by Implementing the LinkedIn for Business Strategy

Invest NOW in your knowledge and skills to make LinkedIn a sustainable lead source!

Do you recognize this?

  • You have a basic LinkedIn profile but you don't use it to generate sales
  • Sometimes you are wondering, isn't social media just a waste of time?
  • You understand LinkedIn is powerful, but you lack a strategy to generate leads and attract clients via LinkedIn
  • You lack inspiration or creativity to post valuable content on LinkedIn
  • You wonder why some posts generate a lot of views, comments and likes and others don't

I understand what you mean...

  • You are used to see LinkedIn as an online resume and not as a lead source and a sales channel
  • Time is scarce and that's why created the LinkedIn for Business Strategy to increase sales effectiveness
  • You read about LinkedIn success stories and you wonder how they are doing it
  • Creation of content is difficult and requires 21st century skills and creativity
  • Visibility and attractiveness of your post will be determined by the content you post and the LinkedIn algorithm

LinkedIn For Business Strategy gives you...

  • A proven successful strategy to generate a continuous flow of leads and clients. We have generated more than 7.5 million views, tens of thousands of comments, 5,200 leads and 565 clients in three years.
  • An efficient, effective and FUN way of selling
  • Five fundamentals of social selling that you can effectively apply and implement in your business
  • Hands on tips to create valuable content relevant to your target audience
  • Checklist LinkedIn Post: 13 steps to increase your visibility of LinkedIn posts and let them go viral based on more than 625 of our own LinkedIn posts we analyzed

565 clients in three years via LinkedIn

Every month we generate 100,000’s of views on LinkedIn, which leads to hundreds of leads, so we can help dozens of clients each month to help optimize their sales process. 

The last three years we generated:

  • 7.5 million views on LinkedIn
  • tens of thousands of comments and likes
  • 5,200 leads
  • 565 clients

This process is sustainable. Data of potential clients is automatically captured in our own systems without additional time. 

Below you see a screenshot of 542 unique leads we captured including phone number and email address with only ONE LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation Program

Because we successfully applied this strategy ourselves, more and more people asked us to help them.

That’s why we launched the LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation Program.

In a timeframe of six to eight weeks we will help you to implement this strategy:

  • Learning by doing via a private group on LinkedIn.
  • You will receive theory, insights, instructions and practical assignments.
  • You can ask us for feedback anytime and we help you along the way.
  • Twice a week there will be a video group call to look back and briefly discuss your challenges.
  • Every day you will spend around 30 minutes effectively on LinkedIn.


The program is not limited to the strategy, but it also helps you understand the processes and systems that supports your business in a sustainable way. You also learn the techniques and skills to maximize the impact of your posts.

As far as we know this is the first and only LinkedIn Implementation that uses LinkedIn Groups and will help you to develop a daily routine.

The Program consists of five consecutive modules:

  • Develop Your Personal Brand
  • Grow Your Professional Network
  • Manage and Develop Relationships
  • Share Valuable Insights
  • A Structured Marketing and Sales Approach

During the program you will receive 24-7 support based on fair use. You can call, Whatsapp or email us anytime.

LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation Program

Five modules LinkedIn


  • Eight weeks of guidance with group video calls via Zoom
  • Eight weeks of 24/7 helpdesk based on fair use
  • Checklists, instructions and learning material in pdf


  • 1:1 Revenue growth phone call of 30 minutes

Take advantage of our competitive offer now and start with the implementation of LinkedIn as a sustainable lead source.

The investment in your success is only € 1497,-.

A Few Screenshots From the Backend

Advantages of the Program

Your Advantages

  • You can start whenever you want
  • You work at your own pace
  • You have full access to all training material and can download everything
  • You will receive practical assignments
  • You will have a community to encourage each other


  • Weekly video calls
  • Checklist LinkedIn Profile
  • Checklist LinkedIn Post to boost your visibility
  • Free 24/7 helpdesk via mail, Whatsapp, phone based on fair-use