More time, less stress and more leads and customers by outsourcing writing your contributions on LinkedIn

Not enough time or inspiration for your company's LinkedIn contributions? Let us take care of your LinkedIn contributions!

You are very busy with all kinds of important things for your company. Carrying out assignments, talking to (potential) customers, developing your company and so on…

You know that it is important to be visible on LinkedIn and that it will bring you leads and customers, but writing contributions on LinkedIn often falls short.

In addition, you don’t actually have much inspiration to write, or you don’t enjoy writing.

We help you by writing your LinkedIn contributions for you.

Not just contributions, but contributions that ensure more likes, views and comments

In recent years, our contributions on LinkedIn have achieved a reach of more than 15 million views, hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments. We also coach dozens of people per month in writing their contributions.

From these years of experience in writing contributions, combined with our research and experience in making optimal use of the LinkedIn algorithm, we ensure that your contributions are not only well written, but also have a wide reach. Contributions with many views, likes and comments.

For example, we look at the first 3-5 lines (above see more…). They have to be catchy. See an example below.

In addition, all our content specialists are trained in this successfully proven social selling strategy via LinkedIn. They can quickly empathize with the customer, are creative and know how to write contributions that achieve online reach.

What benefits do you get from outsourcing LinkedIn contributions?

What does LinkedIn content creation entail?

We take care of all your content creation for your company on LinkedIn.

These are the steps we take:

Packages (from 3 months)

Basic package

3997,- (3 months)
  • Interview / conversation
  • Decide on content strategy
  • Content planning and calendar
  • Tips for inspiration
  • Checklist for greater reach with LinkedIn contributions
  • 2 LinkedIn contributions per week
  • Contribution placement on company profile or creation for personal profile
  • Monthly evaluation and adjustment via Zoom
  • Data reporting/statistics
  • A permanent contact person from Revenue Coach

Premium package

6497,- (3 months)
  • Everyting from the Basic Package
  • 1 x Fotoshoot at location
  • 1 x Videoproduction at location

Total package

8997,- (3 months)
  • Everything from the Basic and Premium Package
  • Creating 1 harvest contribution per quarter
  • Writing 1 SEO blog, LinkedIn article or LinkedIn newsletter per month

Frequently asked question

Do you want to know more? Please contact us at or  +31 (0) 85 – 235 5000.

According to LinkedIn’s terms and conditions, your LinkedIn profile may not be used by anyone else. That is why we provide you with the contributions and you post them.

A harvest contribution on LinkedIn is a contribution in which we specifically collect leads. We will follow a number of steps together with you to give the contribution as much reach as possible.

We ensure that your giveaway leads to leads. The condition is that you have set up a process for collecting leads yourself (web form, CRM). Have you not set this up yet? Then we can help you with this.

You purchase the basic package for a period of 3 months. You can then continue per month with one month’s notice period.