Revenue Growth Call

Are you looking to grow your revenue? Do you want a continuous stream of leads and customers? 

During a FREE 30 minutes Zoom call:

  • We map out your revenue goals
  • We look at the obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals
  • We give insight in how you can overcome these obstacles to reach your revenue goals for this year

After the call, you will have new insights in your current situation, commercial development points, understanding of the impact of those and some possible solutions.

Jonathan Fokker-5657-3

Jonathan Fokker -
Focus: SME, LinkedIn for Business, Salesfunnels, Revenue coaching

markvos new

Mark Vos -
Focus: LinkedIn for Business, Revenue coaching

Kiki Oost

Kiki Oosterbroek - Focus: Revenue Coaching, LinkedIn for Business, Personal coaching and Leadership

Franck Fielemon

Franck Fielemon -
Focus: Revenue coaching, Sales, Sales effectivity, LinkedIn for Business

Jan Posdijk - Focus: (Online) marketing, positioning and social media. Be relevant to your customer!