We realise the revenue goals and increase the sales effectivity of you or your team with the help of our Revenue growth model ®️.

Central to this model is the (SME) Revenue coaching. During the sessions of 2-2,5 hours, we develop a SMART Revenue growth plan together, existing of your marketing- and sales strategy, with concrete actions that you and your team will execute to reach your revenue goals. We will plan regular Getting Things Done calls in which we will celebrate what’s going well, discuss problems, think of solutions and keep you accountable to your tasks.

Through the Revenue coaching we plan actions to help reach your goals. This can be social selling on LinkedIn, learning how to have a good sales conversation, the implementation of a salesunnel on your website and connecting it with your CRM, the creation of content and other actions. Social selling leads to visibility, content creation leads to power of attraction, lead generation results in leads and learning how to do sales results in revenue.

We work with 3 elements:

  1. Mindset –  destructing limiting thoughts
  2. Skill set – learning tools and skills
  3. Structure – implementing a daily structurer of work or systems to convert sales opportunities into deals

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LinkedIn for Business Online Implementation

Learning by doing!

Get started with your own strategy to effectively attract customers using LinkedIn. We share strategy, theory, insights, work instructions and practice-oriented assignments via closed groups on LinkedIn. This means you will implement it successfully, receive feedback, and you can also ask for it. Every Monday morning and Friday afternoon there are (optional) video group calls to review. Or to look for more depth and discuss what you are encountering.

You implement not only the strategy but also the processes and any systems. And you will learn the techniques and skills to create maximum reach and impact. This will help you achieve more leads, more customers and more sales.

During the process you are entitled to 24/7 support based on fair use.

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